ManTech C4T :  Center for Technology

Quanitco, VA


This 16,000sf project, originally for MTCSC which was acquired by ManTech, serves contracts with the adjacent Marine Corps base. The project includes software development workspace, a secure conference and training facility, and a SCIF lab facility. The team worked with the client to develop a vision of the workplace of the future for their collaborative environments. Integral to this effort SKA introduced new furniture solutions as well as green building initiatives. The project design also focuses on branding and creating an appropriate and memorable image.

The design of each space and the procession through the facility was carefully considered. The ceiling heights and design vary through the facility, defining rooms and circulation spaces. The use of color, natural light, and environmentally sensitive materials further identify each space. There are a significant number of green building initiatives incorporated in the project, from the substantial use of recycled materials to advanced energy saving systems such as a daylight harvesting system. Which can be remotely monitored to understand the energy savings.