MITRE: Fitness Center

McLean, VA

Lower Level Fitness Center_Rear View_06-14-17_.Denoiser.png

The new MITRE fitness and health center is approximately 11,700 sf and includes a staffed fitness gym with cardiovascular equipment, free and plate loaded weights, circuit training machines and stretching, warm-up and cool down space.  The center also includes two group exercise spaces, one large and one medium sized.  Group exercise spaces are designed with full audio-visual systems to support different class modes, from yoga to spin to large group aerobic classes. Cardio, strength and circuit training areas are designed with multiple AV displays and a wireless audio system accessed through the end user’s mobile device.  The fitness center is supported by women’s and men’s locker rooms with an additional private unisex locker room with enhanced accessibility for disabled staff. 

Adjacent to the fitness center is the health services offices. This group supports the health and well being of the MITRE staff. The center includes exam rooms, offices and support areas. This space was located to have rear door access to quick access to EMS teams in emergency situations. 

Motion and transformation are themes consistent with the MITRE brand, initially identified and conveyed while developing concepts for MITRE Main Street. The motion theme is at the core of the Fitness Center visual language and is a natural fit for physical activity. The theme also serves as a metaphor for people in motion, ideas in motion, conversation in motion, and innovation in motion, thereby incorporating social, professional, and corporate aspects of motion into the theme.

Project challenges included phasing the fitness and health center construction due to occupied space and keeping the existing fitness center operational until the new facility is up and running. SKA Studio worked with the client to create two project phases with cardio and strength training in phase 1 and group exercise in phase 2.  A temporary group exercise room is planned to help bridge the gap between existing rooms coming offline and bringing the new online.  The locker rooms are designed to allow access to all MITRE employees outside of the member only, access-controlled gym space so that those that bike to work or perhaps run during the day can use the facilities.