Inscape Showroom

Washington, DC


The Inscape D.C. showroom is located in the heart of the Nation’s Capital to best serve customers in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. On the 11th floor and surrounded by large windows on three sides, the space is flooded with natural light. Critical design drivers include biophilia and Inscape’s dedication to sustainability. The abundance of natural light makes it the ideal space for the Inscape D.C.’s new home. In fact, the concept of a home is also a theme that is reflected in new Inscape showrooms.

At the front entrance, customers are greeted, and they are drawn into the space by the showroom finishes which have been extended through the Inscape glass entrance wall and into the elevator lobby corridor creating a “front porch” as a welcoming transition space. The journey continues through the “library”, “veranda”, “kitchen”, “dining room”, “theater”, “study”, and “grotto”. The showroom space has a long narrow configuration allowing clients to travel through the 2,800 square foot space experiencing each “room” as they move along a path that flows easily from one to the next. Changes in finishes, colors, lighting, and carpet patterns help delineate the different rooms.  By designing the meeting rooms and offices using Inscape glass wall systems, customers see the entire space from one end to the other, leading them through the showroom.

In keeping with the concept of biophilia, the finishes throughout the show room reflect the textures of nature, including a color palette that starts in warm tones and ends in cool tones representing the natural element of temperature.  A wall of moss is incorporated within the panels of the Inscape wall in the “dining room”. Live plants are composed throughout.  Decorative light fixtures take on the shape of elements found in nature.

Inscape’s brand is apparent throughout the showroom; a dedication to the evolution of the workplace by delivering high performing work environments in an innovative and environmentally intelligent way. At the entrance and visible from the elevator lobby, the walls provide a flexible canvas for bold graphics, acting as a backdrop to this dynamic gallery of innovative furniture solutions.