ADG Creative

Columbia, MD

Geod[H]ome - Section Perspective.jpg

ADG Creative provides innovative solutions for marketing, brand development, communications, software development and consulting to government, commercial and academic clients. Using state of the art video and audio production studios, ADG Creative provides its clients with exceptionally creative solutions for their needs.

The ADG Creative office space is 23,000SF housed in a one-story flex office building. The project intent was to create an environment that reflects the exceptional creative abilities of ADG Creative and to provide an inspiring work environment for their employees. The project is designed around the concept of a central circulation path linking program spaces. The path is curvilinear and the program spaces are articulated along the path as objects and voids (The spaces between the objects). The circulation path not only winds through the space, but also changes in elevation. This creates a dynamic experience of changing perspective as one moves through the space.  Object elements house conference rooms, a café, and a reception desk. The workspaces are placed at varying heights along the path. Varying colors and materials reflect the use of industrial elements to convey the work environment of the “ADG Factory”.

Awards: AIA Chesapeake Bay Chapter 2011 Merit Award for Architectural Excellence

"We enjoy the freedom of spirit expressed in this project's plan and in the execution of its details. It is a creative use of space appropriate for a creative client. The detailing is simple and crisp. The plan has an interesting an inventive flow." -Jury